The Pennbrook Company has been a leading real estate developer and operator in Central Oregon since 1986.  Today, operating out of its base in Bend, Pennbrook develops, manages and leases properties in Oregon, Washington and California.  Its professionals have the seasoned understanding of the markets and product opportunities that reflect their years in the industry.   Now, more than ever, that experience provides a critical knowledge of how to both uncover the intrinsic value of investment and development real estate opportunities and effectively execute.

Bend, Oregon

When Pennbrook was founded in 1986, few people knew of Bend, Oregon. Since that time, the small mountain town has grown in stature as well as population.  Fueled by retiring boomers as well as tech-savvy young professionals, Bend has been rated as one of the most desirable places in the country to live.  This is, of course, no secret to the Pennbrook team.  More important to the company, the desirability of the Central Oregon lifestyle allows us to recruit and retain top notch talent willing to call Bend their home while actively pursuing projects and properties in the metropolitan regions of the West.